CNC Experts is a great resource for owners of out-of-warranty CNC machines. We also can provide technical assistance and consulting services for the do-it-yourself CNC user. Here is a sampling of some of the services we provide.

  • CNC Machine Retrofits – CNC experts will retrofit your existing CNC router or other CNC machine (including CNC mills, plasma cutters, laser cutters, etc.).
  • On-Site Training – CNC experts provides on-site training on the proper use and operation of CNC routers and CNC machines, no matter what the machine’s make or model, or what application the machine is used for.
  • CNC Consulting – CNC experts provides CNC consulting services (i.e. – What tool should I use for my application? What combination of software, hardware, machinery, and training is right for my CNC needs?)
  • CNC Programming Service – CNC Experts can create custom cnc programs for use on our customers equipment. We have done so for everyone from small shops to large international auto manufacturers. Learn more.
  • G-code file preparation services – CNC Experts can provide G-code files prepared to your specs for your particular cutting application.
  • Machine Automation Design Engineering – CNC Experts design engineering team can design a custom machine for your industrial automation application.
  • Training & Assistance – CNC Experts also provides training and assistance for do-it-yourselfers who are just getting started in the world of CNC machines.