Control Your CNC Machine with Your Mobile Device Using WincncTouch

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WinCnc Touch is an app for mobile devices that allows you to control a CNC router, laser, plasma cutter, or other CNC machine that is driven by Wincnc, an industrial Windows-based cnc machine controller used by many of the industry’s leading machine manufacturers. Wincnc Touch is supported on a number of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as well as Android Phones and Tablets.

Features of WinCnc Touch

  • Complete support for all Jogging features available to Wincnc allows for fast, responsive, precise, and accurate positioning of the machine from anywhere around the machine
  • Allows continuous jogging in three speeds: Fast, Medium, and Slow
  • Allows incremental jogging: 1″, .1″, .01″, .001″
  • Supports Diagonal Jogging
  • Realtime coordinate display allows you to know where your machine is at all times, without any delay or hesitation
  • Allows you to perform many standard operations, including:
  • Initialize the machine
  • Set the XY Origin
  • Set the Z Origin
  • Pause or Continue the currently running job or command
  • Abort the current job or command

Benefits of Using WincncTouch:

  • Safer machine operation: Relaying messages from one person to another while one person is near the spindle or cutting head and another is at the operator station is unsafe. WinCnc Touch solves that problem by allowing one person to do the work of two and thus ensure his own safety.
  • Decreased operating cost: WinCnc touch saves time, labor, and frustration. This greatly minimizes the workload of the setup man or the machine operator and reduces operating cost.
  • Simplifies Job Setup: With WinCnc touch on your mobile device, setting up to run a job is simpler and easier than ever before: You won’t need another person to help you “eyeball” the position of the tool when you’re trying to line something up or locate to an exact position on the table. You can do everything you need from your mobile device and still have one hand free.
  • Saves money: A handheld serial keypad with similar features for use with WinCnc costs considerably more than installing Wincnc Touch and the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server on the mobile device you already have. Why spend that kind of money when you can use Wincnc touch with your existing iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device?

Get Started

The WincncTouch app is free. You can download it using the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store on your mobile device. WincncTouch requires the installation of the Wincnc Wifi Server, which will enable your mobile device to communicate with Wincnc using the WinCNCTouch App for mobile devices.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What happens if I get a phone call while using WinCnc Touch to control my cnc machine?
A: If a user action was initiated on the mobile device and the device gets interrupted, WinCnc Touch simply sends the message to terminate that action. For example: If the user is jogging the machine from the mobile device using the arrow buttons, the machine will simply stop jogging and allow the user to take the call or respond to the message. For safety reasons, Wincnc Touch will not resume motion, but will wait for the operator to initiate a new command.

If WinCnc Touch is running idle (simply monitoring the changing machine coordinates and nothing else) and gets interrupted by a phone call or text message while a job is processing on the machine, the machine simply keeps doing what it was already doing. WinCnc Touch does not in this case tell the machine to stop processing the task at hand, as the task was not initiated on the mobile device


Q: What happens if I lose my network connection while jogging my CNC machine using WinCnc Touch?
A: If you are jogging your CNC machine and the network connection gets lost, the jog action will terminate and the machine will come to a safe, controlled stop.


Q: What happens if my network gets congested while operating my CNC machine using WinCnc Touch?
A: Network congestion can sometimes be a problem on a busy network or if you have an inferior quality network adapter or wireless router. This can cause some messages coming to and from Wincnc Touch to get delayed. For safety reasons, if you are jogging your CNC machine and the network connection gets congested, the jog action will timeout and the machine will come to a safe, controlled stop.
In some instances, network congestion can cause the position updates to be slightly jittery, rather than smooth. This, however, is a fairly rare occurrence. On an average network, the positions on the mobile device will update more smoothly than on the actual WinCnc Controller screen on the PC.