Our job is to keep your cnc machine running like new. A cnc retrofit makes it possible.

Many cnc router owners are frustrated. The just can’t see how spending $30,000, $40,000, or even $50,000 on a new cnc machine is practical when they already have what appears to be a perfectly good machine already sitting on their floor.

This is a common problem. Not to mention the problems associated with raising capital to purchase the new machine, selling the old machine, hiring a rigger to move it out, waiting 6 to 8 weeks or longer for the new machine to be built and delivered, preparing the shop for the installation of the new machine, and finally installing it. Whew! What a chore!

Enter CNC Experts. We specialize in on-site cnc retrofits. We can upgrade your cnc router (or other cnc machine) with a brand-new cnc control system and make it perform like new again.

CNC Experts offers turn-key CNC retrofit service. A cnc retrofit is a process whereby the controller, or “brain” of a cnc machine is replaced with a new one. Sometimes the cnc retrofit process requires the replacement of the motors, or “muscles” that move the machine as well, though this is more often the exception than the rule.

Give us a call today at (931) 347-2637 and let us discuss your needs and provide a free quotation for upgrading your cnc machine with a cnc retrofit, or request a quote using our online form.

What Are the Advantages of a CNC Retrofit?

Save Money
In many cases, a cnc retrofit can save thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars versus the cost of a new machine. (Keep reading to see how we saved one of our customers between $55,000 and 80,000 with our cnc retrofit service.)
Increase Productivity
After your machine has been retrofitted by CNC Experts, it will then be compatible with all of today’s modern cnc software, resulting in increased production capability, greater ease-of-use and a more efficient workflow from concept to production.
Create a New Support Path
One of the problems many of our customers had prior to retrofitting their machine is that the original manufacturer no longer sells or supports their particular machine, or has went out of business entirely. After a retrofit from CNC Experts, you now have a proven support structure underneath you: Someone you can call when you need help solving a problem.

Keep reading to find out how one of our customers saved between $55,000 and $90,000 by getting a cnc retrofit!

Case Study

One of our customers, Greg Desanti with ABC Sign Corporation in Bridgeport, Connecticut, had not one, but two cnc routers that were getting older and nearing the end of their useful life, especially since the original manufacturer no longer sells or actively supports cnc routers. He called me up, we talked for a while and I gave him some references. He decided to have us come and retrofit his two Vytek cnc routers. The funny thing is, he was going to have to buy two new cnc routers, and was fully expecting to spend $100,000. Instead, he spent only a fraction of that amount.