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We're looking to liquidate our inventory of refurbished cnc machines as quickly as possible to make room for more of the new cnc routers that we've been selling lately. And we're willing to make incredible deals in order to make that happen.

MultiCAM 4' x 8' Single Head

Image of a MultiCAM cnc router refurbished by

This MultiCAM is a reliable workhorse of a cnc machine. Great for cutting a variety of products from a dizzying array of materials.

We are retrofitting this machine with a new control system and will build to suit the needs of the customer, even adding an automatic tool changer if desired.

6'x12' Precix CNC Router

precix 6' x 12' cnc router
  • MASSIVE 6'x12' cutting area
  • Great for Slabbing Boards for Live-edge Tables
  • Easy-to-use Wincnc Control
  • High spindle RPM - Great for Machining & Fabrication of Plastics

This refurbished cnc router has a MASSIVE 6 foot by 12 foot cutting area which gives you the ability to cut things other shops can't touch.

It also has a special 7.5 HP cutting spindle with variable speeds up to 24000 RPM, which is great for plastics fabrication. 

Plus, its a constant-horsepower spindle. This means the spindle is wired so that as you reduce RPM from 24000 down, you have the full 7.5HP horsepower until you hit 18000.  

What does that mean? It means this spindle would be great for slabbing boards to make live-edge tables and similar items.  

4'x4' CNC Router with Auto-Tool Changer (Brand New)

CNC Router with automatic tool changing spindle

This brand-spanking-new 4'x4 cnc router with HSD automatic tool changer is a great fit for a bona fide production shop that does multi-tool operations on their parts.

CAMaster 5' x 10' Single Head

Image of a CAMaster 5'x10' CNC Router (refurbished)

This machine is built HEAVY, with a rigid 3/8" steel frame, so it can withstand a lot of cutting force, dampen vibration... for smooooth cuts.

It has a vacuum-ready phenolic table.

Refurbishment in-process.

Two-year warranty.

Options available:
- vacuum pumps
- dust collectors
- training
- delivery & setup

Call us and we'll make a custom-tailored package based on your needs so that you can get results you want faster!

WartHog 4' x 8' CO2 Laser Machine

Image of WartHog 4'x8' CO2 Laser

This is a WartHog CO2 laser machine that we built some years ago. 

We have recently upgraded it to a new control system with a new computer and all the extras.

Reconditioned with a two-year warranty.

This machine is great for cutting relatively thin acrylic and wood (1/4" thick and less).

Engraving designs on thicker materials is no problem.

Can be modified to suit your needs if you need a higher-wattage head for cutting thicker materials.

Base price: $18,000. Call for exact price, as price will vary depending on options.

KOMO VR508 CNC Router

  • 5' x 8' Cutting Area
  • 21 HP Umlat spindle
  • Uses HSK 63F Tooling
  • Fanuc control system (needs replacement LCD display ) 

Priced at $24,500 OBO. 

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