July 22

How To Install WinCNC Touch for Android


  1. Order the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server.
  2. Backup your Wincnc Configuration
  3. Ensure your version of Wincnc supports WinCNCTouch
  4. Modify your Wincnc.ini file according to the instructions you received when you ordered the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server.
  5. Download and Install the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server on your cnc machine’s Control Computer
  6. Install the Wincnc Touch App on your Mobile Device
  7. Configure Your Wi-Fi Network and Configuration Settings

Order the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server

Firstly, in order for Wincnc Touch to be able to communicate with WinCnc, you must first purchase the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server. Further instructions and a link to download the server will be sent to you when your order is completed.

Backup Your Current WinCnc Configuration

Before you go any further, it is imperative that you backup your WinCNC Configuration. This will allow you to get things back to square one if something goes wrong further in this installation process.

Neither CNC Experts nor Microsystems assumes any liability resulting from any failure to do so on your part.

Ensure Your Version of WinCnc Supports WinCNCTouch

Next, you need to make sure your version of Wincnc supports WinCNCTouch. If you have version 2.6 or higher, your version definitely supports WinCNCTouch. Also most 2.5.x versions support it as well. If you are unsure, or for details on how to do this, please contact CNC Experts technical support.

Modify your Wincnc.ini file

add the following line to your wincnc.ini file:


Save changes to the wincnc.ini file and exit notepad. Close WinCnc, then restart Wincnc.

Download the Wincnc Wi-Fi Server Application

In order for WinCnc Touch to work, the WinCnc Wi-Fi Server must be running on the computer that runs your cnc machine using WinCnc. Download it using the download link sent to you after you placed your order, unzip it, and install it from the link provided you when you ordered the Wincnc Wi-Fi server.

Install the App On Your Mobile Device

To install the app on your Android, go to the Android Market on your mobile device, search for WinCNC Touch then install the app from there. WinCNC Touch on the Android Marketplace

If you are using iOS on an iPhone or iPad, please visit the iTunes App Store on your mobile device to install WinCNCTouch.

Configure Your Wireless Network and Configuration Settings

In order for the Wincnc Touch to work, you must set things up as follows:

  • Your mobile device must be connected to a network via Wi-fi.
  • Your control computer that is running Wincnc must be connected to the same network as that of your mobile device. It doesn’t have to be connected wirelessly, but it does have to be connected to the same network as the device. (For example, in my office network there are two computers connected wirelessly, one computer connected wired, and three mobile devices that connect wirelessly… all on the same network, and all on the same subnet.)
  • The Wincnc computer and your mobile device must be connected on the same subnet as that of your mobile device.
  • TCP ports 2030 and 2031 should be open on any software firewalls on your Wincnc computer. It should not be necessary to set up any NAT traversal or port forwarding on your router, as all the traffic will take place on the internal network.
  • You must tell the Wincnc Touch Mobile App the IP address of the computer that is running the server.

Other Notes

After first setting the IP address of the server in the WinCNCTouch App settings on your mobile device, it may be necessary to close and re-open WinCNCTouch on your mobile device in order to accept the new settings. When you are connected successfully to Wincnc Wifi Server, you will see the coordinate display on the mobile device update to match the coordinates on the Wincnc screen.


If you have any questions on this, feel free to comment below. I will be working diligently to keep this documentation fresh as things change and update. Your feedback is much appreciated.


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