December 22

How to prevent the scrollbar from disappearing when configuring input and output signals in Mach3


Mach3 is a powerful cnc control software that many people use today to control all kinds of cnc machines. However, it has its quirks. One of them will drive you crazy when you first start using Mach3 if you don’t know how to deal with the problem.

Problem: When you are configuring ports and pins for the Input signals or output signals, a double-click in a cell will cause the scrollbars to disappear. It will then cause the values you enter to be stored in the wrong place.

Solution: It would be nice if the developer would fix this problem. However, the solution for now is: Don’t double click in a cell. Click once in the cell you want to change, and enter the number you want to change the value to. (You will not see any visual indication that you have “entered” the cell and can edit the value. But you can, I promise!)


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